Why ‘budget’ when you know it does not work for you?

With our tool, you will get a realistic sense of your money flow, not just for this week, but for the months to come.

You need a financial plan that flows with your life.

Do not adopt a budget that doesn’t fit you.


not a moment, but a continuous flow with time. This tool shows you what time will do with your finances.


of good week, bad week. You’ll see the bad weeks (and months) and adjust now, rather than later.

What am I paying for?

For only $4.99, you will receive a pre-formulated spreadsheet you can download to Excel or Google sheets.

Why not an app?

An app would be cumbersome & crowded with the information it holds; however, you can use the Google Sheets option, using their free app.

I’m not good at Excel?

Not a problem. If you can copy/paste, this is good for you. Step by step instructions are included within the template.

Get ready for the best thing that could happen to your finances.

What you need to do:


on your main financial account. Which account is home to your major financial flow?


your sources of income, including a minimum amount expected, & when you expect it.


all upcoming expenses, when they are due, and whether they are reoccurring.


ambiguous expenses. You know they are coming so assume a maximum amount.

“The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and get into trouble”

Proverbs 22:3